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Motivational Speaker | Personal Development Coach | AUTHOR

Global Peace Leader

“A well Connected, Balanced and Fulfilled Life” Ali’s Vision.

Ali’s motto is “Live Fully, Love Openly, and Be Yourself” and he lives up to this belief by enjoying life one day at a time. Empowered with a clear vision and mission, he is using his time to inspire before expiring, to leave a Legacy of connection and authenticity on this planet. He uses his leadership skills and God-given qualities as a Motivational speaker, inspiring others to live a meaningful life that is important to them, not one that is imposed on them. While Ali talks the talk, he also works as Personal Development Coach to actively help people find their own voice and to work on their vision, so that they can live purposefully with intention, connection, balance and fulfillment. He works with many talented and driven individuals who share his vision and energy and who align with his core values of Family, Connection, Authenticity, Integrity and Respect.

Ali Ettarnichi was born in Morocco, North Africa then moved to Canada in 2007 to start a new chapter in his life. Things did not go the way he planned and in the midst of all the hustle and the bustle of his new journey, Ali also experienced hardship and struggle that included discrimination, depression, divorce, being a single dad, and addiction. But these many Rejections helped him discover his Redirection and he found his “WHY” in life.

He is an International Connector, and Organizer of Global Summits featuring diverse speakers who raise awareness about our Humanity, Connection and what is really important to us as Human beings rather than focusing on Competition, Discrimination, Materialism, Division, and Exclusion.

As the Podcast host of “Ali’s Dose Of Inspiration” he brings guests from all over the world, who went through rough times, Rejection, Tragedy and Struggle but they bounce back, they raise above obstacles, his podcast is about Hope, Rebirth and Resiliency. He believes that Rejection is God’s Protection to guide us to the right Direction.

Ali’s first book, is an inspirational and motivational memoir about his life as JUSTA Cab Driver: My Journey from Behind the Wheel to Behind the Microphone (Ali Ettarnichi International, February 2021). It chronicles his journey to fulfill his passion and follow his calling, arriving at his ultimate destination through Rejection and Redirection, from Point “A” to Point “B”, Ali found his “Y.” Filled with true-life stories from behind the wheel and from Ali’s personal life, this wise book offers uplifting and original insight and practices to inspire and motivate each reader. 

If you want to be part of a Connected, Balanced and Fulfilled world, reach out to Coach Ali. Coach Ali is an Emotional Fitness and Personal Development facilitator and help you tap into your Greatness to find your passion, vision and your Why.

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Ali Ettarnichi, Inspirational Motivational Coach and Certified Public Speaker, host of “Ali's Dose Of Inspiration podcast” and Arabic YouTuber of "Good Morning with Ali", shares the uplifting revelations of his journey that began the moment he gripped life with both hands and slid behind the wheel of a taxi cab. In the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson who said, "Buy the ticket, take the ride!" Ali embraces the challenges of forging a new life in a new country and following his dream to be "just a cab driver". But before Ali can find his greater "why", he will have to navigate the many unforeseen twists and turns on the road from immigrant to successful entrepreneur. This motivational memoir Just A Cab Driver highlights the experiences that gave birth to Ali Etttarnichi's visions for a healthy and happier world that he now offers from behind the microphone. This book is a heartfelt testament of an energetic and enthusiastic man, a genuine caring soul who is determined to share his light and wisdom with others.

Kayla Geitzler, MA; Editor & Moncton Anglophone Poet Laureate

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"Ali is an inspirational spirit who's heart strives to help others find a path of self fulfilment and passion. He tells his story of hopes and dreams to pave the way for anyone to hope for a better life through our ability to follow a dream, especially during times of hardship. If you are looking for a shining light to guide you, look no farther than his book "Just a Cab Driver".

Joe Grondin (DTM AS)
International Inspirational Speaker, Accredited Speaker, Speech Coach, and Author
Past District 45 Area 3 Director
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Joe Grondin  ( DTM AS)

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Just A Cab Driver captured my attention from the get-go. Calling Ali my friend, I was eager to learn more about the nitty-gritty of his soul journey. With full transparency, jumping the hoops through humour, drama, resiliency and enlightment, this book gives us permission to claim our voice and operate from our wildest dreams. If you are sitting on the fence in deciding to « take flight » or not, I believe by connecting to his practical universal messages and real life experiences, you will harness your inner power to expand your wings and fly into new horizons.

Anne-Marie Collette

Speaker, Author, Life Coach

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